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Touched by an Angel

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Touched by an Angel
By Doris Marasigan

touched-by-an-angelThrough strange coincidences, some people come into our lives..
Their presence seems mysterious, but they are here for a reason.
We don’t always understand where they come from or why they manifest in our life. Usually they are compassionate individuals who we have attracted by something we have said or done. But sometimes their light is so bright and their words are so warm and kind that we feel...

We are experiencing angels in the form of human beings. After a while we can’t stop thinking about them. Sometimes they become our friends, companions, partners, mentor or guardian. Their main purpose is to guide us through difficult times. They are here to help us discover our inner strength and our own beauty. They give us hope and encouragement when we feel lonely or discouraged.

They make us believe in ourselves and trust our intuition. They give us the inspiration we need to find our hidden creativity. They show us new perspective and help us fulfil our dreams. They teach us the importance of patience and that never giving up is our greatest power. They show us that even the smallest act of caring has the potential to turn life around.

They help us realize that being ALONE does not mean being LONELY. Solitude can help us grow. They teach us how to change our attitude by using the magic of POSITIVE THINKING. They help us change the old thought patterns and misconceptions in our subconscious mind. They teach us the power of gratitude and that being thankful for what we have can change our life. They help us realize that what we think we want is not always what we need. They help us realize that disappointments can often be blessings in disguise. They help us realize that LIFE IS TOO SHORT and that we can control our destiny by making your preferred choice.

They help us realize that when we feel happy or miserable, it is often a direct result of our ability to say no.
They help us realize how important it is to avoid pressures from other people and to trust our own gut feeling.
They help us realize that if we listen to too much advice, we may wind up making other people’s mistakes. They help us realize that giving is more important and satisfying than receiving.

They show us that helping others can be an amazing way to help ourselves. They show us how we can use our own experience to help others. They support us when we need to let go of painful emotions from the past. They comfort us when we need a hug or a shoulder to cry on. They teach us about the importance of affection, tenderness and the joy of love. They make us come alive, enjoy every moment and experience laughters and joy.. the real happiness.

Most of all, they open our heart and minds to beautiful thoughts and emotions, they help us connect with our true self and to open our soul.