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A happy story of a happy couple

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A happy story of a happy couple
By Cristina Sampang

a-happy-story-of-a-happy-coupleA story may have no beginning or end, this is so probably because we can’t remember much how it started and this relationship we would wish not to end. Love was not the basis of our relationship. It was purely based on doing what is right. We were both serious people and from the start we knew we will be secure in each other’s arms.

Love grew deeply as time flew by. Our marriage is blessed with a “happy home”. Having two daughters and a son, who could ask for more? But then life is full of surprises, and God is good indeed. Living in Belgium we never expected we would come across Filinvest. A company that has made a big change in our lives, and all for the better. As my husband would always say, “I found my destiny, service is my passion and happiness”. True, because he had different jobs before but I never saw him as inspired and as satisfied as today. Giving up his job - the job he held for 8 years in Belgium - was one of the major decisions that we made. Quite scary at first but now it just keeps getting better. We are on the right track. No regrets and giving up was never an option.

As for me, I love my man so I embraced with all my heart his passion. I’m overwhelmed to be his secretary, his admin assistant, his wife and a full-time mother to our children. We now have more time for each other, more topics to talk about as we are on the same field. We also now have a stronger family bond, having more time for the kids. But we always keep in mind what our director advised us: Never mix relationship with work. This two should be dealt with differently and separately.

Now looking forward just thrills us. We know there’s more to come and travelling is just one of them. We experienced this at the recent AGA awards in Venice. We truly are one “happy couple”.

It’s hard to think that our story would end someday, all of our stories in fact. Nothing is permanent and we do not own anything even our loved ones. But whichever path we choose, whether our will or God’s will, His love and guidance will always remain. We also would like to keep in mind and in our hearts what God has prepared for all of us. No matter how happy and almost perfect our story is, we shouldn’t be afraid of the end.
God has prepared for each one of us an even “happier home” with Him in His Kingdom.