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Blog - July | Filinvest International

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Filinvest City hosts the 2013 Vaseline Men XTERRA Mud Run


True to its commitment to inspire fun, Filinvest took the playing field to the next level by hosting the 2013 Vaseline Men XTERRA Mud Run on May 26, 2013 at the newly-expanded Open Trails within Filinvest City that gathered over 1,000 runners that went through specially designed obstacles that tested their physical skills and endurance.

Among those who joined the Mud Run is the Vice President for Filinvest Alabang Incorporated, Mr. Michael Gotianun, who expressed his enthusiasm after crossing the finish line, “There are even places that even I have just discovered only today. I love nature, which is basically what we have here in Filinvest City.”

The 2013 Vaseline XTERRA 10k men’s category was ruled by 22 year-old Roger Denolo from UST. On the other hand, women’s 10k category was dominated by St. Claire College of Caloocan’s Janette Lumidaw.

The Organizers for the Vaseline Men XTERRA Mud Run cited that one factor they considered in choosing Filinvest City as the official venue is the unique adventure experience that it offers. Being an urban garden city that promotes a well-balanced healthy lifestyle, Filinvest City perfectly matches the organizer’s preference of weaving road running, theme running and trail running as a formula for a complete runner’s haven.

Part of its effort to support a healthy lifestyle is the “Carless Sundays,” which closes one side of the City Loop (Commerce-Corporate-Parkway-Filinvest Avenues) from 5am to 10am, offering a secured biking and running experience for all enthusiasts. Promote wellness; free exercise sessions are also being conducted by fitness instructors every Sunday morning at the Promenade Avenue.

As a fully integrated and self-contained community committed to inspire possibilities, Filinvest City eyes more sporting events to host in the future. This is Filinvest City: Inspiring convergence of the concept of work, live, and play.


Inspiring good business possibilities at Filinvest City


There is a place in south Manila where business takes on a whole new meaning. Think of it as a central hub, where easy access to cities such as Makati and Taguig and the growing economic zones of Laguna and Cavite exists; where public transportation is a breeze and numerous establishments cater to your every preference. It is a place meticulously landscaped to offer a pure balance between nature and industry; where the corporate set can breathe easy in the midst of lush greenery and wide-open spaces. It is a community, and it can be your home. The possibilities are endless at Filinvest City.

Located just 15 minutes away south of Makati City and near Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Filinvest City offers so much as a Central Business District.

Prime hotels, banking institutions, and corporate offices take advantage of Filinvest’s state-of-art district facilities ensuring seamless traffic, safety, security and services in a master-planned setting neatly laid out for pedestrians and drivers alike. It is also home to a premier IT Park, the Northgate Cyberzone, where BPOs benefit from multiple telco providers for their needs.

As a true convergence hub, FIlinvest City benefits from Skyway, South Luzon Expressway, C5, Alabang-Zapote Road and the West Service Road. Add to that the presence of a beehive of transport option in South Station, making it easy for commuters to access the district. Getting there by way of those numerous access routes is just half the excitement. One you’re in, it will be hard to look at other developments the same way again. Call it the live, work, play balance – made unique by the fusion of serious business in a laid-back setting that welcomes various activities for your desired lifestyle.

This is a city where one could easily shift from work to play as many restaurants and retail establishments dot its landscape – from familiar franchises to exciting international and local brands. At the Westgate area, you will find a bevy of restaurants, health and wellness services, and stores neatly grouped together which caters to every need from cars and home improvement, to sports gear and equipment. Filinvest City also hosts one of the biggest shopping malls in the area, the Festival Supermall that houses hundreds of shopping possibilities for everyone.

“Filinvest City is home to world-class hotels offering premium services that will surely satisfy your corporate needs.”

However, when it comes to talking your business to a whole new level, Filinvest City offers some of the most luxurious setting for you and your business partners. This particular metropolis is home to world-class hotels offering premium services that will surely satisfy your corporate needs. Take your pick of meeting rooms, function halls or ballrooms for every kind of event, big or small. Be connected with fast WiFi services as you dine on a multitude of lunch and dinner buffet options. There are even bars that will surely become your favorite watering holes. World-class hotels such as Acacia, Bellevue, the newly-opened Crimson Hotel Alabang, and Vivere Hotel, to name a few, offer some of the best accommodations for company locators and professionals in district.

As if doing efficient business and commerce wasn’t enough, there’s more. Filinvest City is as much a business and lifestyle district as it is a garden city. The wide-open roads, lush greenery and landscaped lots are perfect for fun leisure activities. An open trail offers bike riders and runners a fun space to traverse, while the long sidewalks and various inclines across the district are adequate for joggers and runners on their morning and evening regimens. The lifestyle activities in such an urban setting has inspired numerous regular sponsored events and even Carless Sundays where people get full control of the roads without having to worry about oncoming vehicular traffic. Wander around some more and you may find groups of people enjoying free exercise instruction in the mornings.

“All roads lead to Filinvest City, literally. It is no wonder that many have come to also call the place their home, making going to work and enjoying life a mere few steps away.”

Indeed, all roads leads to Filinvest City, literally. It is no wonder that many have come to also call the place their home, making going to work and enjoying life a mere few steps away. West Parc, Lavie and Entrata are just a few of the many residential options located within the district, all featuring unique amenities for a well-balanced lifestyle. Whether as a home or business address, Filinvest City is where the possibilities are inspiring; where work flows seamlessly into play, and life is lived the way you want it.